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My name is Oscar Iván Bedoya, I am an artist (empirical), I make drawings in the traditional style, here you can find a great variety of Fan Arts (Cartoons, Anime, Video Games) and a few other things...





Favourite Visual Artist
| John R. Dilworth 
| ‎David Feiss 
| Maxwell Atoms 

Favourite Movies
| Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Battle! The Big Three Super Saiyans 
| Dragon Ball Z: The Galaxy Is In Danger! A Super Incredible Warrior 
| Dragon Ball Z: The Rebirth Of Fusion! Goku And Vegeta
| Dragon Ball Super: Broly 
| Predator (Saga Film) 

Favourite TV Shows
| Courage The Cowardly Dog 
| The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy 
| Cow And Chicken 
| I Am Weasel 
| Ed, Edd Y Eddy

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
| Animals As Leaders 
| Plini 

Favourite Books
| It 
| El Alquimista 

Favourite Games
| Super Mario World 
| Age Of Empires I - II - III - IV 
| Crash Bandicoot I - II - III 
| Crash Team Racing 

Session Bassist 

Thank you very much for stopping by, I appreciate your visit....


Lápices De Color (Colour Pencils)


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