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Jonatan Oseguera Alonzo, known as Jonatan Alonzo Art
Born on January 21, 1993 grows in a department called potrerillos Township early cuts Honduras is admitted to a nearby school in their community getting high academic grades and also a school right there ( ITAVS ) .
Where prepares its basic cycle and excels in the art of Drafting likewise passed his BA at the same school and it is during this period that he decided to devote himself to draw.
and that is where his first steps as an initiative to draw her mom having few budget opt for the technique to graphite being a completely self-taught artist with vision begins
as the time goes noticing an improvement and constant evolution have also received several awards in drawing contests and participating in programs trafficking through the expression of art.

Welcome to my page .
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Self-taught and growing


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Me encantan todos tus dibujos, estan super increibles y hermosos, saludos
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con.Gracias. besos y abrazos
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Me encanta tu galería, creo que podría aprender mucho observando tus trabajos. Saludos!
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Muchísimas Congracias querido!!!!!
Honor que me hace Salud!!!!
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bonitos trabajos :)

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