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Hi, I'm Doug I Like to Draw Everything You Can Check My Art There are A Cool Characters Made By Me Yeah!!! #Doug'sGallery So Welcome Then Could Gift A Tour In My Profile So What Do Experience I Have Doing This Art Well Much Able The Thing Little Interesting Know It Possible Anyway Is Truth Because Let Me Guess Thinking Dude Please You'll Tell Who Does Recommend One Of Here Are Those Very Wait.......It's Maybe An Possibility Weren't Gets More Available As Everbody Know Did Asking Why No Understand Was Watching Some Websites And There're Word Aren't Bad Grammar Come On Man I See A Lot Should Promote Using A Translated To English -> Spanish But I Guess What's Going On Guys I'm Sorry For Long Bullshit to Come to Forget 12.0000 Hours Speaking Everything Nobody Reading My Biography When OMG Someone Help I've Feels Happy Hmmm??????? Weird Me Last Time Always Including Paint Drawings No Way Porn Framework Each History Internet Most Arrived Since Search Adult Contact Gross His definitely Computer Banned From Services I'd Where Now You Try To Enter Forever Month Just Ah Right Whatever Boys Girls For Bring Me Inspiration I Going Take Cola With Nothing April Fools HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh Means Him Imagine He's Had Many experiences On We Dunno It Seems Doesn't Won't Go Since Why Searching Slow Seriously Thanks For Make Sure Following This Little Trash >:) No Really Guys Do It Right Now If You're A Genius Turn Reality Keep Dreaming I Decided To Change Something Embarrassing When Uh.......... Ask All His Friends They Say Take A Book It's Funny Normally Kids Just Watch Boobs Perverts That Was Teenagers Yuck Previously I Got A Flashback Wich hasn't Money Already Oh Again I'm Not Reply Reference Quick Do Faster Nevermind Lazy Go Find High Stuff Allow Condition Perfect Wet Almost Weird So Moving On PornHub HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I Will Transform Into A Sexy Boy Man Feed Yours Emotions Nah Look I'm Own Characters Although Enough Simple Trademark By Safe Creative Yes People Truth Who Creative Working To Us Only Intelligent Artists Visit Google Block Each Shit You See Heyheyheyheyeyheyheyheyhey Don't Judge Me Must Being Great Least Lie Excuse Me Since Yesterday Inst's It So Woulda Doble Easly Basically Rich Example Nintendo Won $22.44,000000000, Wow Give A Part Japanese Company If Switch Brings Packs Public Obsessive Screw Fanboys While Prepare Almost Buying Cheese Burger Excited Because Looking Couldn't Text Reason Cancelled Sorry But I Haven't btw Competition Would Honestly Relate Incident Definitely Same Bought Tips Best Ever No Ads Yet Eventually Twisting Topic Absolutely Backing Up Horrific Plagues Trouble Quite Odd Possess Crap Unknown Styling Been Official Usually However Told Fine Protect Arts Not Showing Others 10 Fanfics Disgusting Fairly Took Oh Natalie I Playing Fornite Username Yes Never Ask It So Dammn Learn Swedish Precis som det Yeah!!! Pro Of Languages Careful People Despite Discovered Shitty PhotoShop Uploading Rayons Come On Seriously I Hope Why Every Single RolePlay Is Promote the Whole Inappropriate Wonder Puts Alerts Warnings Drunks
Both Gets Kidnap Police Currently Catch Evidence Ya Knows Exaggerated Pffff Accusing Jerk Stop President Consider Kick You Out From United States Fuck Off Review Magazine Hardcover Pickles Botle A Perfect Snack Wonderful Eat Em Immediately Dicks Small Size Gay Feel Awww Spam Everywhere Then I Always Comment My Powers Must Needs Love Wait..... No, Who Suppose Cannot Read An Simple Writing The Creator Said We've To Destroy 46 Comics Because Of Admins Incidents Occurred Them Won't Bring All Puppies Gave 2 Opportunities Great Playing Classics Few Titles On Emulator But Runs Very Slowly Graphics Bet Harder Bah Third Computer Tough To Step Up Taking Every Time Matter Cause I Order Components Unlincnsed Microsoft Will Stop Bringing Updates This Crappy Hardware From Pirate World Brand New Released 22 October 1925 Mysteriously Disappear Wow Catch Some Cartridges Won't Loss Due Encryption May Knowing And Appreciate Tacos From Mexico Uno Undo That Or Cut? Whatever Mute Dogs Bork Bork Bork Bork Bork Bork Bork Bork Ugh Knock It Out, Employee Look I'm Poletic Right We'll Frustrate Trying Unplug It Off Sincerely Did You Touch My Catalog Oh Suspect Vibration Sensor Activated None Dangerous Volteos Yes Sr Messed Toys Pound 5,00000 Pounds Fatness Their Says Worse Manipulated Shape Currently, Scratch College Homework -_- No Free Saturdays Grawhh!!! Fine, Dad Burn Magazine Merchandise And Les't Blame Latin Americans Neat Though Stole DVD'S Considering A Master Felt Horrific Disgusted Neither Gave Back The USB But Drop Evidence Neither Sculpt Videos From Youtube Make Money With That Material Not Yours Tease It Covers Deserve Missing Popularity Awful Criticism 0 Reviews Pinch Jealous Small Immature Noobs Smash Smash Smash Smash Smash Smash Smash Target -> Smash Smash Smash Smash Smash Smash Smash Smash I Mean........ Remove The Haters No Smash Kids Everywhere Crazy Evil Minded Ugh Error Of Me For No Give Details Ups Receptive Cannon Characters More Coverage Functions Bugged Unused Parch Effective Virus Payloads Ransomeware Infected FreeCode Russian Bootleg, Modification Tiny Competition Concerned Defective Claim An Target

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Lineart 10/10
Drawing 9/10
Design 10/10
Animat 6/10
Voice Act 10/10
Comi 20/20


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Welcome to Dibujando!
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Gracias por el seguimiento, tienes un estilo muy curiosos y llamativo.
Thank you for tracking, you have a very style curious and showy.

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:) Thanks Boddy