Shinya devil femboy devil femboy

Hello everyone, today I come with an oc that I got in an exchange that I did with a friend.

His name is Shinya and he is a Femboy (effeminate boy), he is a devil who is the only one born with angel wings.

Shinya is 500 years old, although due to his young appearance he appears to be 15 to 17 years old.

He usually has many problems because of his long hair and clothing for his gender (in his world I am very macho with the devils and if they dress in a non-"masculine" way they are treated the worst, so they tried to send him to reform school to stop dressing like that, thing that did not work so his father wanted to eliminate all traces of him but he found out and ran away from home, but he was caught before escaping by his father and he banished him from hell throwing him to one of the worst places in hell where they did everything with him and to this day he has not been able to escape from there

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