Rito de transformacion

Rite of transformation, also known as "Blood recognizing".

Weavel, my old oc. Old as Valvanera (created around 2008)
had a refreshing time.

She has an extraordinary, from happiness and sadness. the only thing that she shares with her "parents" Are the blonde appearance and the cursed body that changes constantly.

No, she´s not a mutant, she´s not Gandrayda. Weavel is like a jovian hybrid. 

Weavel ©Me 

Copiado y pegado de mi sitio de deviantart. Disculpen la flojera por no traducirles.

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Imagen de Jerkylink
Muy expresivo me encanta...
Imagen de sherryes
excelente trabajo 
Imagen de LydiaChan
*_* excelente diseño y pose!
noto el  sentimiento en su rostro!