Irene Morales

Irene Morales, the 14 year old soldier

The young Irene Morales, a native of Santiago, at age 14, was an orphan of father and mother and had been widowed twice. She married very young to overcome her situation of poverty. Her second husband had been shot in Antofagasta, by the Bolivian army, and his corpse and he had been buried. This increased his rancor against the Bolivian Army and I do not hesitate to enlist as a soldier. When the Chilean Army invaded Antofagasta, she disguised herself as a man and fought in the first row in the landing of Pisagua, throwing herself into the sea with her rifle and going out to fight on dry land, then she took part in the battle of Dolores. It was discovered and to the amazement of all, for the courage of this young girl they all called her "Soldier Morales". His story reached the ears of General Baquedano, who promoted Sergeant and officially incorporated it as Cantinera del Tercero de Línea. Then she fought in Tacna, a triumph that meant that Bolivia had withdrawn from the war and that she had been the first woman to enter that city, the city mounted on a spirited steed, shining in her carbine, shouting her Viva Chile. He was one of the soldiers who climbed and took the Morro de Arica, where he saw many of his companions fall from the mine field where they had to pass, then continued in the fight for the house in the city of Arica, until the situation normalized. He did all the military campaign, marching at night through the driest desert in the world and finished fighting in Lima in the battles of Chorrillos and Miraflores.

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