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Blending into the norm, while being aware you're different requires a titanic effort. It feels like thousands of questions drilling into your head over and over again. Questions that seldom have answers or explanations.

I grew up believing that something inside me was broken, or simply not working as it should. Like building a house on rotten foundations, I forged my identity around distrust, misunderstanding, uncertainty, and fear...

But today, I finally understood that there was nothing to fix within me. I learned to love that house with its crumbling roof and cracks in its walls... Because through all those crevices, the golden sunlight streamed in, reminding me that it had always been there, from the very beginning.

Today, I raise my voice as a cry of rebellion in support of those who cannot find their place in the world and who, despite all the obstacles, continue to move forward, offering their best version.

To all autistic and neurodivergent individuals, never stop believing in yourselves, you are part of the light that brings hope to this chaotic world.

Original work created on paper with watercolor, colored pencils, chalk pastels and graphite by @Mentiradeloro.

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